Thursday, March 5, 2009

30 days.

First, I feel like I must apologize for not blogging, (only because everyone apologizes on their blog when they don't post anything). In other words, I'm not that sorry.

Anyway, there are only 30 days until we wed, we couldn't be more excited or busier. After all, the combination of work, school and wedding planning is all consuming. Sometimes when I have a lot of assignments to check or lesson plans to prepare, I just go try on my wedding dress for the billionth time. If I try on my dress, then I have to try on my shoes, jewelry, pretend veil, etc. You see how it becomes all consuming?

Anyway again, we can't wait for the big day. It is such an exciting feeling to know that we will have so many of our friends and family together to share this grand event with us!

Also, "grand event" might be a bit misleading. Think picnic, and get ready for some tasty BBQ. (pissshh, "grand event?" you should know us better than that!)

I hope we post again before the big day, but if we don't, see you 04.04.09.