Thursday, October 30, 2008


Nicole and I are secretly hiding Takota at our new apartment... no pets allowed... we need your help before zeh germans get her. If you know a loving family or an old lady who is looking for the best damn cat in the world, let us know ASAP!! We are being forced to find her a new home before they take her to the Siberian Gulag. SAVE THIS KITTY.

She is spayed
She is healthy
She loves to cuddle
She likes to tell you about her day sometimes
She does not have any outdoor skills to speak of besides 'Laser Pointer Chasing'
She knows what a litter box is for
She is 3 years old
She is voting for Barack Obama Nov 4th

Please please please if you know anybody who wants or needs a great cat, please let us know ASAP! We have exhaused our LA options, but we need to find her a good home!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sausage Fingers, and the Moment You Have All Been Waiting For...

This is it, the token of our love and affection.

It is special because...
1. Shane designed it.
2. It has a yellow sapphire instead of a diamond (aka not a blood diamond).
3. It matches my great, great grandmother's wedding ring that is exactly 100 years old this year (aka my wedding band).
4. I was named after my great, great grandmother. (This is actually a reason why I am special).
5. It's my engagement ring.

Thanks for waiting so long. Rings are IMPOSSIBLE to photograph.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10.14.08 The proposal.

You read correctly, he did it, he really did it!

I know, I know, I need to post pictures of the ring for all my lady friends.
Sorry, patience is a virtue and we're all gettin' better at it. (My camera is dead).

First off, if you can believe it, he surprised me! I knew he had the ring, he told me he talk to my dad, I was almost positive he would spill the stinky beans about the actual proposal, but he didn't! Yesterday evening after work we got the keys to our beautiful new apartment (4 days early) so we were so excited to plan our paint colors and where each piece of furniture should be placed. I was in the empty bedroom checking out the gigantic closets, and he snuck up on me with a big hug (not at all unusual).
Then, with the cutest shaky hands and nervous face he looked into my eyeballs, got down on his knee and said, (tremor in his voice) "Nikki, will you marry me baby?"

Of course, I obliged. Then, we rolled around on the carpet in our empty bedroom (and made out! WE'RE ENGAGED!)
Then he took me into the kitchen where we enjoyed a bottle of champagne that was waiting near two very special glasses he picked out for us. After we made about 2 hours of important phone calls, we ate our steak dinner and went home!

Sigh, I love my fiance!

PS. The big day will be in April!

Monday, October 13, 2008


We're down by two... headed into the ninth...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Car, New Apartment.

Just keepin' the fam up-to-date on what's new.

You can't tell from this picture but the new apartment is 50 paces to the beach, it's amazing. Also, the car has that lovely new car smell. We're living the dream. Great depression, schmreat schmaschmession.

For my loving sister Julie.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Because you are smarter than your party line...

You see, at first I was offended when John McCain nominated Sarah Palin to be his running mate... well, I was offended but I laughed really hard... I mean come on, it was pretty funny. Even after the whole George Bush thing, I could have ended up voting Republican this year... Truthfully! I'm not completely Donkey Blue... If he nominated someone of worth - someone like a Mitt Romney... anyone that could help develop a policy and agenda that made some sense - but instead he chose a completely inexperienced woman from Alaska whose naive un-presidential commentary and mannerisms are boggling (It makes for fantastic SNL however). It made me wonder, 'If this is his pick for VP, who would he pick for the Supreme Court?!' It put things into perspective for me and I got online and sent my economically stressed cash to Obama.

For the past two months I have watched politics play out. I have watched one man, bring ideas about the economy, energy, healthcare, education, foreign affairs and relate to who I am, who we are, the problems of today, and what we can do secure a better future. I saw another man put out dishonest ads, Rovian tactics, Bush policies revisited, high jacked campaign mantras about CHANGE without any substance of CHANGE and talked down to me as though I cant read through his bullshit.

McCain... at the most basic level is a bad person. Too low to shake Obama's hand after the last debate. Snarkey, negative, dishonest, angry, out of touch... and lets not forget about the Keating 5 (I dont know why it took the Obama campaign so long to remind the country about that gem)... and those of you 'Anti Bill Clinton moral fiber folks', I think you should look back at how John and Cindy's romance blossomed. Do your homework and call a spade a spade.

Im a little fired up tonight and maybe I have watched too many dishonest negative ads put out by McCain... maybe I just feel like you and I are smarter than the Republican McCain campaign thinks we are. We need more than 'Hockey Mom', 'Joe 6 pack', 'POW', 'Ayers', 'Maverick', 'Shake up Washington'(whatever that means), 'Drill Baby Drill' and winks into the camera. Grow up and show me some respect.

...Nicole is going to kill me for publishing this one...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On This Day.

Today my best friend got married, Jordan Lowry became Jordan Kraft. On this day she also inherited a beautiful family during a ceremony somewhere in the privacy of St. Thomas, I can't wait for the pictures. I'm actually slowly dying to see them.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kraft and family!

Monday, October 6, 2008


In the interest of quelling heated debates with family members Nicole and I (mostly I) will try to keep political blogs to a minimum over the next 30 days...

For all you Bush/Cheney + McCain/Palin advocates... 'Quell' means to suppress or subdue, bless your hearts... you'll learn.

Was that offsides? :)

In any event, we're voting Obama.