Friday, August 29, 2008

Miss Aboussleman

Ok, I'll go by Miss A. Otherwise it would be torture for those poor students.

I got my first teaching job. At a charter school in LA. I couldn't be more excited, the staff and school principles (not principal, he is part of the staff) are all extraordinary. What a great opportunity this is. I can't wait to feel like I made a difference at the end of the day and I can't wait to buy teacher clothes. School starts September 18th, but I get to meet all my students at the school tour on September 15th. I CAN'T EVEN WAIT!

Goodbye 3am, Hello C.L.A.S!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cousin Brad in The City of Angels

Brad came for a weekend trip to hang with Shane. Luckily, I was invited too.

Our weekend festivities included, eating, kayaking, shopping, eating, swimming, visiting the Arclight Sherman Oaks, then eating some more.

Brad demonstrating what we did best.

Still eating at Neptune's Net in Malibu. You can tell they are related huh? Both= wanna be male models.

You can't tell, but we are blog stalking here. That's right, we did dat.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Millerton Lake

Last weekend Nikki and I took a trip to visit the fam in Ol Fresberg. It was a lot of fun visiting the family as it usually is. The highlights included Mamma's biscuits and gravy and PCH Subs. Sadly, no Me N Eds on this trip.

We had a blast at Millerton Lake with Dad, Jess, Dylan and his lady Ashley. A little wakeboarding and wakesurfing was just what we needed. Plus it was good to get some tan.

Lastly it was good to spend some time with old friends. Always good to see Joey, Sparky, JJ, David, Con, Ryan, Jenna and Troy.

Don't mind the shine on my receding hairline...