Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello Dear Friends and Family,

Most of you already know what has been driving our lives in the past months, but some of you don't. We have been busy getting ready for a baby! We are currently finalizing the certification process to become foster parents, and will eventually adopt our first child from foster care. We have been working with a fantastic non-profit agency that specializes in adoption through the foster care system. We feel incredibly fortunate to take part in something so special.

Over the past several months we have been through interviews, applications, interrogations, baby proofing, foster classes, adoption classes, and we are currently awaiting our final walk through in our home to become fully certified foster/adoptive parents.

Deep breath.

We are incredibly excited to be parents. It feels surreal, but we are ready. Ready to stay awake in the middle of the night, ready to love the cuteness of a baby in our lives every day, ready for a child to change our lives, ready to change way too many dirty diapers. We are ready, almost. We still have to lock up our chemicals and kitchen knives, hang a fire extinguisher in our kitchen (yes it has to be visible), and get safety inspections on both of our cars. So we are almost ready.

Now the fun facts...

We have requested that our first placement be an infant (under 6 months of age). Gender as well as ethnicity will be a surprise. So now you wanna know when? Well, so do we. According to our friends that have used this agency, placements come rather fast, but really we don't know exactly how it will unfold for us. We will be fully certified sometime in September, so we can get the magic call at any moment after certification is final. Whoa.

We are thrilled to share our love. We know this will be an exciting and challenging endeavor and appreciate and love you for all of your support.


Megan said...

I can't wait to see where you hang your fire extinguisher. ;) Such exciting times! You two are going to be fantastic parents and I can't wait for our little ones to be besties. We could both meet our babies on the same day!

Kerrie said...

So exciting! MY sister and brother in-law have adopted 3 children through social services! Good luck and can't wait to hear.

Lauren Green said...

I am so excited for you two and I can't wait to meet my new little niece or nephew :)

Cynthia Christopherson said...

I am so excited for both of you! I love the decision you have made and wish you the best through this next few months! I am sure you have too, but I have "met" a lot of people involved in adoption through all of my research and struggles, so if you ever need someone who has adopted and can relate to talk to, let me know...I'll send them your way.

Paul, Kami and Henry said...

I love this! Your future baby is so blessed to have you and Shane as parents. So happy for you!

McGee said...

Love it! SO excited for you guys and can't wait to see the blessings that come into your life from this journey...awesome!

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