Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Return

We're attempting a return to the blog world. I know you didn't miss us, but I don't give a care.

We have some exciting things coming up, and this will be our way to record them, because who has private journals anymore? Who has private anything anymore? The answer is no one. Everybody spills their guts on some online site, why should we be any different?

And so it is, our comeback.

•By the way, we'll probably eventually make this private, for reasons unbeknownst to you now, but you'll be knowin' 'em later•


Lauren Green said...

I missed you! And I'm happy that you came back to spill your guts :)

joel said...

Nobody says "I don't give a care" anymore. Ok bye.

Conlan said...


Megan said...

I missed you!!